Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So what's the diffence between the Vintage Black and White Photobooth and the Digital Photobooths?

A: The biggest difference is the type of photo that each booth produces. The Vintage booth utilizes the original technology from the 1930s to create a black and white strip of four photos. The finished product measures 1.5" x 8". The Digital booths use modern computer technology to capture and print the images. The finished product measures 4"x6" (Retro Digital) or 2"x6" (Doublestrip Digital) and is very versatile. You can choose whether you want the booth to take one, three, or four photos per sitting, and you can customize an area on the photos that print out. There is also a difference in price: the Digital booths are less expensive to rent. The Vintage Booth has a 4-hour minimum and all other booths have a 3-hour minimum. Finally, the Digital Booths include a CD of all the images taken during your event, as well as an upload of those images to a password-protected website. The Vintage Booth does not.

Q: Does that mean that each person gets to decide what kind of picture they want when they sit in a Digital Booth?

A: No, you decide ahead of time what you want all the photos to look like. We do this because we found that it slowed the process down significantly if your guests have choices to make once they are in the booth. By deciding for them, their job requires no thinking -- just the press of a button. As a result, you get more people through the booth, which means more pictures.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure we get as many pictures as we can?

A: Yes. We recommend that you promote the photobooth within the event to make sure that everyone knows that it is available and free. Many of our clients have come up with creative ways to do this, but it can be as easy as asking the DJ or MC to make an announcement. You can also leave notes at each place setting instructing your guests to visit the photobooth. If you are planning on using the photobooth photos as your party favor, and have purchased frames or bookmark sleeves, you can leave these at each place setting with a set of instructions.

Q: Have you ever seen the movie "Amelie?"

A: Yes.

Q: What are your travel fees outside the St. Louis area?

A: We charge an additional $1/mile for events outside of a 50 mile radius from downtown St. Louis. For example, Kansas City, Missouri is 250 miles each way, for a total of 500 miles. (500 miles * $1 = $500) The additional travel surcharge is $500 for an event in Kansas City.

Other Questions

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please drop us an email, or give us a call at (314) 776-3003.

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