Doublestrip Digital Photo Gallery

(Click here for samples from the Vintage B&W Photobooth.)

(Click here for samples from the Retro Digital Photobooth.)

The Doublestrip Digital Photobooth lets you choose how you want all your photos to look, and gives you the opportunity to customize each image. You can choose black and white or color. We include photo customization as part of every package.

Your online gallery

These pictures all come from the Doublestrip Digital photobooth. The brilliant thing about this booth is that it prints two copies of every photo -- that way you and your guests don't have to fight over the photo. You get one for your album, and they get to take the other home as a party favor. This booth utilizes a digital process to create its pictures, and as a result we are able to save copies of all the photos from your event. After your event, we provide you with a CD of all the images as well as an online gallery of your photos. These galleries can be password protected and are available for 3 months following your event. From the online gallery your guests can order reprints, books, or other merchandise relating to the photos.